Upgraded Counter Tops

  We’ve upgraded our counter tops, just one of the many updates planned for the store. Come in and check them out, and stay tuned for other changes to spruce up our store!

Featuring Outstanding Washington Wines

We’re proud to be featuring some outstanding wines from the Walla Walla Valley in Washington State.  Brian Carter Cellars from Woodinville has received the 2015 Washington Winery of the Year award.  Brian graduated from Oregon State University and is now known globally for his graceful and energetic wines.

Spin the Shot

We’ve got the great new party game Spin The Shot!  It’s similar to Spin The Bottle, you just pour a shot, spin the wheel, and then the person the arrow points to must drink it up!

Dazzle your drinks with edible Hibiscus flowers

We discovered this exciting new drink garnish while in Europe this fall.  You put an Hibiscus flower in the bottom of a champagne or wine glass, add a little syrup from the jar it comes in, then fill the glass with your favorite bubbly.  They use Prosecco wine in Italy. …